Tool manufacture produces a wide range of turner cutters, cylindrical and conical end mills, shaped profile and special cutters, reamers and countersink reamers, solid reamers, screwing taps.
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We have the technology and long traditions of manufacturing small hard-alloy drill bits for boards (0,45-3,5). We also manufacture some structures of small passages and punching.

In July 2005 we started operating a semi-automatic special polishing device with CNC, model -5134, designed to sharpen and polish clearance grooves, different cutting tools of fast-cutting steel and hard alloys, highly resistant abrasive CBN tool and diamond rings with cooling systems, using NC code.

Machine special features:

  • Compact dimensions
  • Treatment area is fully closed with an enclosure. Access from three sides.
  • A semi-automatic unit with control by 5 axes: , X, Y, Z, C.
  • Control system SINUMERIK by SIEMENS enables to treat the most complex tool profiles within short time of adjustment and ordinary maintenance.

We are interested in new orders for this equipment from third persons and invite you to mutually beneficial cooperation.