Our in-house manufactured tools are listed below:

  • moulds for making plastic and rubber parts;
  • moulds for making plastic blow moulding;
  • moulds for die-casting brass, aluminium and magnesium alloys;
  • master plates and stamps;
  • stamps for cold and hot treatment;
  • fixture jigs.

The unique structure of the mould for making the frame of TV set «Berezka 54-610», weight 7,5 tons, required creating special software to the EUCLID system for making a decorative grid containing 11404 symbols, located on individual coordinates.

Preparation to the production of electronic single- and three-phase energy consumption meters, water consumption meters demanded mastering new methods of engineering calculations, design and manufacturing tools for producing plastic high-precision tooth wheels. These developments did not have analogues in Ukraine at that time.

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