• Compact inverter rectifier of welding current ВДУЧ-350 МАГ provides:
  • manual arc welding with consumable electrode rods of all types with diameter 2-6 mm (MMA);
  • argon-arc welding with nonconsumable electrodes (TIG);
  • combined with a semi-automated unit it provides machine arc welding with steel solid wire, diameter 0,8-1,4 mm, in carbon dioxide environment (MAG);
  • supply of semi-automated units from an auxiliary power supply source with the voltage of 24 V or 29 V 50 Hz and gas heater power supply with the voltage 36V, 50Hz, 2A;
  • easy ignition and steady arc burning;
  • safe low voltage of idle operation;
  • stabilization of welding current or voltage;
  • welding in any attitude position;
  • minimal metal spattering;
  • adjustment of the bending parameter from steeply-falling (TIG) to flatly-falling (MMA) and «rigid» VAP (MAG);
  • contact-free arc ignition when switching an external oscillator;
  • automatic selection of MAG mode when switching a semi-automated unit;
  • control of current and voltage with pointer and digital indicators;
  • remote control;
  • protection of welding circuit from short circuit.
  • protection from thermal overloads;
  • reduced power consumption while welding and during idle operation;
  • protection from high and low supply voltage, phase control.

Operation mode ММА/TIG МАG
Supply voltage (А,В,С), V 380V, 50Hz 380V, 50Hz
Welding current range, А 40-315 up to 350
Welding voltage range, V - 16-33
Power consumption, KW up to 14 up to 14
Idle running voltage, V 75-90 30-45
Low idle running voltage, V up to 12 up to 12
Welding current , A
at SV 60% 315 350
at SV 100% 220 220
Dimensions, mm 587х275х487 587х275х487
Weight, kg 45 45
Ambient temperature, °С from -40 (-25) to +40 From -40 (-25) to +40
Climatic performance under State Standard GOST 15150-69 У3 (У3.1) У3 (У3.1)
Electric safety class under State Standard GOST 01 01
Device protection degree under State Standard GOST 14254-96 IP22 IP22

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