Semi-automated units ПДГ 500−4M combined with ВДУЧ 500 IDS welding sources are designed for machine welding of steel electrode wire diameter Ø1,2-1,6 mm and powder wire Ø1,6 to 3,2 mm wires in direct current in carbonic dioxide in shielding gas and composite environment during the mechanical and repair works.

Import four-rolled wire feed gear mechanism combined with the brake mechanism and smooth electronic speed control and welding voltage from the control desk of the semiautomatic unit ensure the quality welding.

 Inbuilt control unit realize

-          Wire feed speed control

-          Dynamic motor braking

-          Setting of motor reaction delay and gas disconnection

-          Selection of two-stroke or four-stroke regime

-          Gas vent

-          “Cold” wire feed

-          Electronic overload protection.

Semiautomatic unit power supply ~ 24V.

The semiautomatic unit ПДГ–500–4М is complete with pin connecting point ПДГ–500–4МЕ: burner with CEE plug.



1.          Welding current range*, А                                                                     80 - 500

2.          Supply voltage*, V                                                                                  16 - 40

3.          No-load voltage*, V up to                                                                                  50

4.          Undervoltage*, V, up to                                                                         12

5.          Power consumption, W, up to                                                                150

6.          Welding wire diameter, m/h

                                          - solid steel                                                            1,2 –1,6

                                          - powder                                                               1,2 – 2,0

7. Rate of electrode wire feeding, m/min                                                       1,67– 16,6

8. Pulling capacity of the feeding mechanism, min, kg/s                               20

9. Weight (without wire), kg, up to                                                                11,0

10. Weight of the wire reel, kg                                                                                   15,0

11. Dimensions, mm, up to                                                                             358х237х295

12. Ambient temperature, ºC                                                                          from -25 to +40

13. Climatic performance                                                                               УЗ.1


           * - parameters are provided by the welding current source of ВДУЧ-type.


For reliability and flexibility in application growth the semiautomatic unit can be completed with fence or wagon.


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