X-ray scanning system “Polyscan” are designed to control posting, bags (“Polyscan-4530”), hand luggage, small luggage control (“Polyscan-6143”) and large luggage (“Polyscan-75100”, “Polyscan-100100”).

All systems provide high quality inspection without opening the objects under inspection, safe level of radiation for attendants, high control performance, and a wide range of operator’s services.


Dimensions of inspected item, mm Polyscan-4530Polyscan-6143Polyscan-75100Polyscan-100100
Transporter speed, m/s0,20,20,20,2
Maximum weight of inspected item, kg60140160200
Effective penetration through steel, mm30303030
Detectability, thickness of copper wire, mm0,080,080,080,08
Contrast sensitivity, in shade of gray20202020
Anode voltage, kW140140140150