Components for the electric equipment of carriages

Electrical equipment package 10.003

Designed to adjust and control power supply of passenger non-compartment carriages, model 61-425 and other models.

Electrical equipment package -35

The electrical equipment is designed for adjusting and controlling the power supply systems of passenger carriages and restaurant cars made in Germany, series 2460. to operate with new block air conditioners.

Other electrical equipment

  • Vestibule light 01-25 2;
  • End signal light -1;
  • End signal LED light -1
  • End signal LED light 1-1
  • A set of harnesses for electric equipment;
  • Inter-carriage high voltage connection;
  • Undercarriage low voltage electrical equipment;
  • Converter for shavers -08

A set of interior elements

  • Side panelling of hard combustible plywood faced with plastic.
  • Internal partitions of hard combustible plywood, faced with plastic from both sides
  • Furniture for the passenger compartment and guard’s accommodation:
  • Lower and upper berths upholstered with imitation leather- and fabric
  • Compartment tables with automatic fixation in vertical and horizontal positions;
  • accessories;
  • Furniture for the service compartment
  • A set of metal guards for the heating pipes
  • A set of metal ceilings or hard combustible plywood, faced with plastic
  • A set of internal doors
  • sliding doors to passenger and service rooms
  • toilet doors with an electric blocking lock
  • passenger section door (fire-resistant)
  • swinging door
  • door from vestibule to the carriage

Vestibule doors carriage set

  • Side and end vestibule doors
  • A set of vestibule locks
  • A set of keys