Side panelling. Panels and frames for windows are made of fiber glass based on polyester resin material, the colour is subject to agreement with the customer.

  • Internal partition: baffles of hard combustible plywood with thickness of 19 mm, faced with Sloplast plastic on both sides, thickness 1,6 mm (colour is subject to agreement with the customer).
  • Furniture in passenger compartment and guard's accommodation:
    • lower and upper berths with fittings and fixtures in end positions. The berths and backs are upholstered with hard combustible fabrics, colour is subject to agreement with the customer;
    • compartment tables with automatic fixation in vertical and horizontal position;
    • stainless steel two-step ladders;
    • luggage racks;
    • various accessories (rails, a hanger for trousers, newspaper holder and hooks).
  • Furniture in the service compartment:
    • a cabinet for a fridge with an extendable, fixed in end positions table top with railings;
    • a cupboard for dishware;
    • a cabinet-wash with a stainless steel sink;
    • guard’s armchair.
    • A set of heating pipe guards of tetra-polished sheet steel with chrome-plated locks and fittings.
    • A set of ceilings made of fiber glass polyester resin material or metal.
    • A set of wash basins for toilets made of fiber glass with mirrors, accessories and a stainless steel basin.
    • A set of fiber glass floors for toilets.
    • A set of internal doors that includes:
    • twelve sliding doors for the passenger compartments, the service compartment and the guard's compartment. Special mechanism provides smooth, quiet door opening and closing doors, as well as its fixation in end positions and blocking;
    • two toilet doors with electric blocking lock;
    • passenger section door (fire-resistant) fixed in the open position;
    • swinging door fixed in end positions;
    • two doors from vestibule (tambour) into the carriage (left and right).
      All the doors are supplied with locks and hinges of stainless steel or coated steel. The door frames are made of stainless steel.
  • set of stainless steel railings for corridors in the passenger department.

All non-metal materials are certified in compliance with State standard DSTU 4049-2001 «Passenger trunk locomotive-driven carriages. Safety Requirements».

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