Activities development and production:

  • rocket carrier control systems;
  • turbine control systems;
  • aircraft control systems;
  • X-ray scanning customs control systems and fault detectors;
  • strain measuring systems;
  • control and testing stands of energy meters;
  • products for railway transport;
  • reference multifunctional energy meters.

The Engineering Design Bureau developed control systems for Soyuz and Proton carrier rockets, which over many years have been providing research programmes for near and far space. High reliability and continuous upgrading of the control systems for these carriers by the experts of the Engineering Design Bureau allow launching different spacecraft.

Under the spacecraft control system Zenith-3SL Engineering Design Bureau performs design support for manufacturing air-borne equipment.

The Engineering Design Bureau carries out a set of activities on design, manufacture, assembly and technical support of operations of X-ray scanning systems Polyscan , designed for customs control and nondestructive control (fault detectors) of the manufacturing quality.

The bureau developed automated strain measuring instrumentation systems, designed to research and identify strain-deformed state of structures with digital processing of measurements results.

So far automated control systems have been launched and operated by turbines with back pressure at city thermal power plants and industrial enterprise thermal power plants. These systems allow quality adjustment and optimal control of the turbine unit and all process systems of the thermal power plant, providing fast and flawless diagnostics of the operated equipment.

The enterprise introduced the quality management system, compliant with the requirements of international standards of ISO 9000.