Developed systems  3-6(12) 3-2, -20 provide:

  • Automatic turn and automatic adjustment in the modes of frequency control (), power maintenance (), Pressure maintenance (PM).
  • Control of the set speed of the turbine under statistic characteristic position of control valve rotor rotation rate with determined degree of unevenness, which may be chosen from 2 to 10 % for modes and , and from 5 to 50 % for the PM mode.
  • Frequency non-sensitivity is within 0,2 % of the rated value.
  • Limit of excessive rotor rotation speed while discharging electrical load with switching off the generator is up to 5% of the rated value.

So far turbine automated control systems have been introduced and run with back pressure at city thermal power plant, at the thermal power plant of the steel and wire works, at the thermal power plant of the by-product coke plant, at the thermal power plant of the sugar mill. Complex automation of the turbine unit covers the turbine adjustment system, vapor supply and withdrawal system, condensation and vacuum system, oil supply system. Created systems enable to ensure quality control and optimal management of the turbine unit and all process systems of the thermal power plant, provide fast and reliable diagnostics of the operated equipment.