Purpose: automatic control of proper electric connections and operation of electrical equipment units (switchgear, boards, relay boxes, control and display windows, control panels, switches etc.).


  • Control of proper electric connections, diagnostics of breaks, short circuits, entanglement;
  • Measurement of electric insulation resistance of isolated circuits from 0,001 MOhms to 200 MOhms under direct test voltage up to 625V with changes in polarity;
  • Control of operation of the electric elements, installed in the unit under control, including switches, automatic circuit breakers, contactors, relays, semiconductor elements, indicators etc.

Operation modes of the management program:

  • Preparation of the programs to check electric equipment units; control;
  • database review.
  • Operation system in use: Windows XP.


Q-ty of connection points Up to1000
Capacity, points/sec at least 50
Stimulating impacts to check unit operation:
- three-phase voltage 115V, 400Hz
- three-phase voltage 36V, 400Hz
- single-phase voltage 6V, 400Hz
- DC voltage 27V
- DC voltage 50single-phase voltage , 50mA
Maximum allowable load current, :
System power supply single-phase alternating current 220V, 50Hz
Power consumption 2 kW