Purpose and components

The ACMS is designed for automatic control and management of processes of various automated objects, and it can also be used to check the operability of sophisticated special and civil complexes.

The ACMS is a two-level structure: on the upper level there is a process engineer workplace (PEWP), on the lower level there is a basic system, a BSACMS, including a communication controller, a set of intellectual process interface units and a universal terminal-block cabinet (UTBC) to be connected to any automated object.

ACMS key functions

  • Centralization of processes control and management;
  • Regular and single measurements, conversion and assessment of analogue parameters;
  • Regular and single request and assessment of discrete signals;
  • Process visualization;
  • Operative display of information on process disorders;
  • User-friendly protocols of parameters for analysis and assessment;
  • Discrete and analogue control of automated objects;
  • Issue of temporary instructions, ensuring the timing of the process schedule;
  • Organization of metering current time intervals;
  • Display of reference and instruction information;
  • Control and records of work hours of automated objects;
  • Diagnostics of ОА and ACMS faults;
  • Organization of multicircuit control of the process parameters;
  • Possibility to expand functionality of measuring and controlling temperature, pressure, humidity and other physical processes.

ACMS uses

CMS field of application is ОА in thermal power generation, production, transportation and refining hydrocarbons, disposal of industrial and domestic waste, steelwork and chemical industry.

ACMS specifications

Quantity of communication channels by analogue and discrete inputs of one ACMS basic system (BSACMS) with ОА up to 2000 points
Expansion possibility up to  four BSACMS
Distance of upper and lower levels of ACMS up to  1000 m
Primary supply voltage 220 V, 50 Hz
Power consumption in grid 220 V,
50 Hz considering one BSACMS is
max.250 W
BSACMS equipment reliably operates at the ambient temperature from – 50°С to +50°С
PEWP equipment reliably operates at the ambient temperature от +5°С до +50°С
BSACMS equipment is made dust and moisture proof.

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