Established in 1968, on the basis of the former milk processing plant, this plant was set up as a cable-wire section of production floor 31 of State Scientific Production Enterprise Kommunar Corporation . At that time the authority of the Kharkov plant was already unconditional, since rocket and space industry was rapidly developing. On the other hand, spread and popularization of television led to the growth of demand for TV sets. Therefore, the establishment of Bogodukhov radio technical electric and mechanical works (that was the name given to this section afterwards) was a notable event for the whole region.

The setup of this enterprise, on the one hand, gave an opportunity to expand production facilities and create jobs in the television production, while, on the other, it appealed to the workforce available in Bogodukhov, while the workforce was insufficient in Kharkov. In the beginning the section, headed by I..Tserkovny had 64 people. However, soon the enterprise was given an additional order to produce components for TV sets. Therefore, the construction of a new production building commenced and the number of employees grew to 250. This pace of the plant development, its prospects and support from the district administration, promoted the expansion of the facilities and entering a new industry. Consequently, in 1977 basing on the production floor, a plant of radio-technical products was established. The following years were characterized by the active TV set production, manufacture of air-borne and ground devices for the control systems of defence and civil space carrier rockets. The enterprise infrastructure expanded significantly too production buildings were reconstructed, several blocks of flats were built and so on. The workforce rose to 1400.

Until Perestroika the range of manufactured goods widened, and its output increased. Owing to the reduction of the output of special purpose products and TV sets the plant was on the edge of shutting down. However, despite all difficulties the management of State Scientific Production Enterprise Kommunar Corporation found an opportunity to convert the plant to the new production. Thus, 1995 became a turning point for the renewal of Bogodukhov electric and mechanical works. The enterprise started manufacturing new products, namely:

  • Fuel dosage meters;
  • Petrol station remote controls;
  • Carriage making products;
  • Non-standard agricultural equipment.

The biggest share of the plant produce is connected with manufacturing components for State Scientific Production Enterprise Kommunar Corporation . These are, first of all, products for railway transport, energy and water meters, and welding equipment. The volume of the products, manufactured for State Scientific Production Enterprise Kommunar Corporation , is 62,8%.

Nevertheless, the plant also manufactures end products, sold on the contractual basis. These are goods for Kharkov carriage repair plant, Dnepropetrovsk CJSC Unikon, regional depots, as well as for the majority of carriage works in Ukraine. The volume of the other goods and services makes up 12,8%. Recently, the enterprise launched a new production line - woodworks. It is also connected with the railway industry. Furthermore, the plant started manufacturing construction materials for country houses. The volume of these goods in the money equivalent is 2,7-2,8 m UAH per year.

At present a promising production direction is space industry. The products of State Scientific Production Enterprise Kommunar Corporation and its branch - Bogodukhov electric and mechanical works, are supplied to the Russian market. Cooperation with Russian enterprises gives an opportunity to introduce the production of new items for the space industry.

In order to increase the output the plant facilities were renovated and re-equipped. These measures enable to increase the volume of production output from 7 to 9 m. UAH per year.

The achievement of Bogodukhov electric and mechanical works is Krasnokutsk branch, specializing in manufacturing construction materials and providing construction services to the local population of Bogodukhov and Krasnokutsk districts. The enterprise includes a confectionery section that provides employees and local dwellers with its products. The facilities have a medical office, too.