Cultural and Sport complex (CSC) of State Scientific Production Enterprise Kommunar Corporation is located in 2 G. Rudyka St., the total area is 3,7 hectares.

The CSC site includes:

  • Archery ground with a tent
  • Large football pitch
  • Paintball ground
  • The CSC building comprises:
  • Room for rhythmic gymnastics and sport acrobatics
  • Gym
  • game hall for mini-football and lawn tennis
  • shower rooms and dressing rooms
  • room of martial arts for: karate, Tae Kwon Do and hapkido
  • conference hall for 715 seats
  • cafeteria a nice place for lunch
  • shooting range of childrens and junior sport archery school Kommunar
  • small conference hall for 100 seats
  • dancing hall
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