vduch250acdc.jpgThis compact inverter rectifier for arc welding with microprocessor control is designed for argon arc welding of heavily-alloyed steel, aluminum and other nonferrous metal with nonconsumable electrodes (TIG/VIG), direct or alternate current, and provides:

  • contact-free arc ignition with a built-in oscillator;
  • quality weld;
  • smooth adjustment of welding current rise;
  • crater welding;
  • smooth adjustment of alternating current pulse ratio (cleaning and immersion phase of welding cycle);
  • safe low voltage of idle operation;
  • control of welding current with a digital indicator;
  • developed protection from overheating, supply voltage, short circuit of welding circuit.
  • Welding with coated electrodes () of all types.

Supply voltage (A,B,C,), V 380, 50Hz
Welding current ,
at SV 60% 250
at SV 100% 150
Time adjustment range of gas preblow before welding, sec 0-5
Time adjustment range of gas preblow after welding, sec 0-20
Welding current amplitude adjustment range, 20-250
Frequency of alternating current pulse modulation, Hz 50-250
Range of alternating current modulation pulse ratio, % 20-80
Range of current rise rates at the beginning of welding sec 0-20
Range of current fall rates at the end of welding (crater welding), sec 0-20
Mean value of idle operation voltage, V 75-100
Low idle operation voltage, V up to 12
Minimum breakdown interval under contact-free arc ignition, mm Min 2
Frequency of oscillator pulses, kHz 300-500
Power consumption, KW up to 10
Welding type TIG/
Dimensions with a case, mm 798784881
Weight, kg up to 90
Ambient temperature, From -25 to+40
Climatic performance under State Standard GOST 15150-69 .1
Mechanic performance under State Standard GOST 30631-99 M3
Electric safety class under State Standard GOST 01
Device protection degree under State Standard GOST 14254-96 IP22

Reliability of -250 AC/DC is ensured by space-technology based production. Control units undergo processing tests over 48 hours at +60, each sample of -250 AC/DC is tested on special equipment in the modes that imitate welding, over 4 hours at +40 and in actual welding modes.

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